Blade Sharpening Service

Tamahagane Honsha

We order the blade sharpening services to our professional blade sharpening craftsmen who are Japanese traditional blacksmith. If you'd like to order $30 blade serving option service, please make a lump sum payment when you purchase a product. Or we may send you an invoice of Paypal if you want this service. Please e-mail and tell us beforehand. Once your payment is confirmed, we proceed immediately to the blade sharpening. It will take 3-4 days. Upon your tracking number, you will be noticed by our email of our shipping confirmation.

Notes when requesting a blade sharpening

-1- We accept blade sharpening service of only Japanese style edged tools.

-2- In case of razor blades, only Japanese razors are available. We do not accept western style razors due to a difference of sharpening technique.
-3- Our blade sharpening craftsmen will do their very best to sharpen blades even worn blades, but if some rust is present within the surface of blade, it may not cut well even after it's sharpened.

-4- Our blade sharpening service is to assume sharpness of blades, we do not provide a service of removing rust of cutting tool bodies.

We appreciate your understanding in using our blade sharpening services.
- About blade sharpening of Japanese razor -
In case of Japanese razor, we first sharpen a blade with a rough whetstone and then finish the sharpening process with fine whetstone. We use the same technique to sharpen Japanese sword, but razor blade sharpening requires high level technique. In case of worn razor, some rust may present within the surface of a blade or even the blade may be curved. The important point for Japanese razor is that it can not shave hairs unless the edge of a blade which touch to skin is horizontal. The blade sharpening craftsmen of Kiyotsuna sharpen not only to recover sharpness of the blade, but also adjust the edge of the blade to get horizontal, examining carefully the rust within the edge of the blade.
- History of Kiyotsuna -
In the Meiji Period (1868-1912) Tokyo had three blacksmiths known as "The Three Greats of Edo." Chiyozuru specialized in the triangular knives, Ishido in the plane-blades, and Takiguchi in the carving knives. All three belonged to blacksmith families dating back to the Edo Period (1603-1868). Takiguchi Yoshimune, the first, lived near Kameido Tenjin Shrine, in Koto-ku, Tokyo. The Kameido Tenjin Shrine housed the God of Blades (Amakuni) and is located in the neighborhood of old traditions known as Shitamachi. The family lineage of Takiguchi Yoshimune the First was succeeded by Takiguchi Unokichi the Second and Takiguchi Ryuhachi the Third, and the brand "Kiyotsuna" is impressed on their blades. The Kiyotsuna brand was born under the supervision of Takamura Koun, a representative sculptor of Japan. Munakata Shiko, a wood block master of the 20th century, was a regular user of Kiyotsuna knives. Their blades are made by the traditional technique
called "Kuro-uchi ( black forged knife ) ".

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